A Little Golf Journey is the next indie title published by Playtonic Friends

Playtonic Friends will publish the serene Okidokico indie game A Little Golf Journey on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in summer 2021 release date.

Back in March, Playtonic Games revealed the first game it would be publishing under its newly established indie publishing label, Playtonic Friends, which was 3D platformer Demon Turf from developer Fabraz. (Last month, it also announced it was getting involved with BPM: Bullets Per Minute, but that’s not a Nintendo Switch title.) And today, Playtonic Friends has announced its next indie title, A Little Golf Journey from developer Okidokico, which will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam sometime this summer.

Okidokico previously created OK Golf for mobile devices, and it is using what it has learned to create this new game that removes all the stress from golfing, leaving only a serene experience. Its trailer reflects this emphasis on tranquility, offering just a few words over its runtime: “Embark on a relaxing journey. Discover hidden secrets. Explore multiple destinations.”

“We’ve removed all those stressful elements of a traditional round of golf and replaced them with beautiful imagery, a soothing soundtrack, and a narrative adventure layer for those who want to seek it out,” said Okidokico cofounder Charlie Goatly. “For us, it was all about creating a game we could truly escape into and get away from the pressures of daily life.”

So in other words, if you enjoy golf and don’t enjoy the stress of everything going horrifically wrong, A Little Golf Journey from Okidokico and Playtonic Friends will be one to watch out for on Switch and Steam this summer.

[Source: PR]

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