Rumour: Zelda A Link To The Past 2 3DS E3 Details

As with the season, it’s getting close to E3 and the hype trail is fully boarded, and rumors start flowing through the grape vines.  So as to not get too bogged down in the details we have a set of rumours about Zelda’s next handheld gaming adventure;

  • The game, while set in the world of A Link to the Past, does not take place right after the events of its predecessor Some time has passed since Ganon’s defeat in the Dark World. Hyrule is in a period of rebuilding and prominence when a new threat rises.
  • The villain is not Ganondorf or Vaati. There an entirely new foe to the series.
  • At this time the game is much more in depth than the past couple of handheld Zelda titles. There are at least 6 dungeons to overcome. Link will not be returning to any of the dungeons like the developers played with in Skyward Sword. The game is more traditional with the Zelda formula.
  • Unlike its predecessor, there will be some focus on the franchise’s races via towns and etc. No details were provided on where their homes would be or how they would be situated. This may be interesting to see since the game is set in the same overworld as A Link to the Past.
  • The Dark World exists, but not in the same manner. Link’s wish at the end of the first game changed the world. The Dark World we will see is a similar albeit new form. It was returned to the Golden Land for a brief period. Evil beings still searched for it to acquire the Triforce.
  • Link is cursed, which is how he learns the weird abilities we saw in the reveal trailer.
  • Zelda plays a limited role. Nothing like what we saw in Spirit Tracks.
  • The game has some kind of multi-player.

Take this information as you please. Some of it sounds very likely for a Zelda series, and very much viable as an extension to what is known as the Zelda formula.  These rumors are brought by an anonymous tipster who contacted, who apparently had some hands on time with the game. With E3 around a week away we\’re not far from confirmation or refutation.


Mark Loughlin