What are you playing this weekend?

A Hat in Time

The weekend is finally here, and for many of us, that means we can finally kick back and spend some quality time gaming. What does that entail for you? Whether you’re knee-deep in the latest release or cruising through your backlog, let’s hear what you’ve got planned.

I am working through Yoshi’s Crafted World on Switch and A Hat in Time on PC. Yoshi’s Crafted World was an impulse buy two weeks ago during a GameFly sale. I grew up a diehard Yoshi’s Story fan, and through the first several levels, Yoshi’s Crafted World has delivered the same sort of fun, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing experience. Meanwhile, A Hat in Time is scratching my perpetual itch for collectathons. The movement is extremely satisfying, the in-game worlds are incredible to explore, and the wide spread of different missions keeps the whole experience fresh. I recently made it to the sky-based fourth world, and with each area better than the last, A Hat in Time is cementing itself as one of the better 3D platformers I’ve tried out.

What are you working on this weekend? Are you catching up on newer titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening? Are you still reveling in the pile of SNES games on Switch Online, or are you just taking a deep dive into your backlog? Sound off in the comments.

Nick Pearson
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