A Hat in Time physical Switch release confirmed alongside new screenshots, release date

A Hat In Time Switch

A surprise listing on Amazon has confirmed that A Hat in Time will be available physically when it finally lands on Switch. Aside from revealing that physical copies will be available, the Amazon page also shows a $40 price tag, an October 18 release date, and several new screenshots. While Amazon pages often use placeholder dates, October 18 seems like a solid bet for A Hat in Time’s Switch launch.

It has been a long, long wait for the debut title from Gears for Breakfast to make its way over to Switch. It was a long wait for the game in general. I distinctly remember sitting in an engineering class as a high school freshman refreshing the game’s Kickstarter page nonstop back when the project had a hilariously optimistic estimated release date of early 2014. I was a sophomore in college when the game finally came out on PC, and I will be in my first year of law school when A Hat in Time finally calls a Nintendo platform home–that is, if this release date is right.

On top of all that waiting, it took forever for a Nintendo version to even be confirmed. Early in 2018, Gears for Breakfast emphatically asserted that the game would not come to Switch, before it was finally, quietly confirmed in August of last year. Now, rejoice, my friends, because the wait seems to really, truly, honestly be almost over.

Update: We can now officially confirm that A Hat in Time will launch for Nintendo Switch on October 18. Nintendo has published a new trailer confirming that the alleged date is correct.


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