Have faith: A Hat in Time coming soon to Nintendo Switch

A Hat In Time Switch

Earlier this year, developer Gears for Breakfast stated A Hat in Time was NOT coming to Nintendo Switch. Never say never, because today the same developer confirmed A Hat in Time IS launching on Switch soon.

In the Seal the Deal DLC trailer, a video discussing a new chapter being added to the main game, along with assorted extras and a free co-op add-on, the Nintendo Switch logo appears. Only a few seconds of gameplay in Handheld Mode follow, but I still managed to shed a tear.

On PC, Seal the Deal will be available September 13 and will be free for 24 hours (Kickstarter backers will get it for no charge indefinitely). It will cost $4.99 after that window. The co-op mode will also be accessible on the same day, complimentary. No word yet on whether these two extras will hit the Switch, but I bet the base game will contain them.

Two important lessons learned: Good things happen to those who wait and always believe your wishes will come true. If anyone besides me is ecstatic about this news, please leave a comment below!

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