A gold Shovel Knight amiibo is coming this December

gold Shovel Kinght

Speculation has been running around the past few days regarding the existence of a gold Shovel Knight amiibo, after fans discovered it in several retailers. Yacht Club Games has since officially announced this figure, which is set to release this December alongside the rest of Shovel Knight‘s upcoming content.

The Shovel Knight Gold Edition amiibo features a number of in-game benefits. First, it unlocks Custom Knight, which allows you to tinker your character with unlockable costumes, new relics, and special moves, among other things. Next, the amiibo will unlock co-op challenge stages. You also get the Baron Set costume for Shovel Knight Showdown, as well as the Fairy of Shovelry in any Shovel Knight title.

While these features are pretty cool, it should be noted that the standard Shovel Knight amiibo already gives you access to all of these benefits. So if you already have one, the only real reason to pick up the gold one is for collection’s sake. That being said, if you don’t have one already, or just want another, this release will be the perfect chance to do so.

Shovel Knight joins the gold figure lineup alongside Mario and Mega Man this December. Will you be picking it up?


Steven Rollins
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