A blindfolded Super Mario 64 speedrunner beat the game at AGDQ 2021

blindfolded Super Mario 64

If you don’t watch Games Done Quick, you’re truly missing out on some great gaming content. In the past week, we’ve seen some amazing performances of all types, from PeekingBoo’s run of Celeste’s C-Sides using a dance pad to the back-to-back world records set at the beginning of the Sonic block. These weren’t the only amazing performances, however, as Super Mario 64 speedrunner Bubzia completed a 16 Star run while completely blindfolded!

For those unfamiliar with Super Mario 64 speedrunning, 16 Star is one of the game’s five major categories. While you’d normally need to collect 70 stars to reach the final fight against Bowser, by using a series of tricks, you can access the fight far earlier. This run is incredibly optimized, with just over 600 runs taking less than 20 minutes on original hardware.

Though this is impressive enough on its own, doing it while blindfolded is even more interesting. Blindfolded runs rely heavily on audio cues, precise movement, and level memorization to be successful. If something goes wrong, it can really throw off the entire run. This can be seen clearly in Bubzia’s run, starting at around the 28 minute mark. Despite these setbacks, Bubzia was able to ultimately complete this run in just over 39 minutes. For context, there are 432 regular 16 Star runs performed on the same hardware that beat this time, giving you an idea of just how difficult Bubzia’s task was.

Congrats to Bubzia on a spectacular blindfolded Super Mario 64 16 Star run!

Steven Rollins
Steven has been involved in video game reporting for over five years now. In his spare time, he can be found speedrunning, writing fanfiction, or watching as much anime as he possibly can.