A 2GB Version of ‘Fortnite’ May Be Dropping Tomorrow For Switch


When it comes to game modes, battle royale mode is the current frontrunner in terms of popularity.  One day before Nintendo Direct: E3 2018, it looks like Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch.  Days after a data miner found it on Nintendo’s eShop, Simon Aarons (@SimonMKWii) found a way to see it.  In a tweet, Aarons said, “@SciresM While you may not be able to view the Fortnite eShop listing in the storefront (Ashigaru) yet, Shogun + my tool is always there to save the day” and posted the picture you see below.


@SciresM is the data miner mentioned earlier in the article.  As shown above, the game’s file size has also been leaked.  It is 2044MB or 2GB.  This, of course, makes the Switch version smaller than other versions.  The file size on Xbox One is 10.29GB, on PS4 it is 6.69GB and the PC version is the biggest at 18.2GB when fully installed.

Fortnite is currently the most played battle royale game on the market right now.  Back in January, Epic announced the game had 2 million concurrent players.  The number then rose to 3.4 million in February.  Outside of concurrent players, Epic said over 45 million people are playing it.


Mind you this was back in January and as of now, the game has made its way to China and mobile.  In March, Epic Games launched its pilot program for Fortnite on Android and iOS.  When asked about possible crossplay between systems, a rep at Epic Games said, “Right now, we’re really excited to allow crossplay between Xbox One, PC, and mobile and PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile. We think it’s an important, exciting step… we hope players agree!”.

Do you think we’ll see Switch players duke it out with Xbox One or PS4 players?  Comment below!

Nick Battaglia
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