8BitDo Lite controller now up for pre-order on Amazon

8BitDo Lite - Using it on Switch

8BitDo has really made a name for themselves in the world of Switch controllers over the past few years. The company has created a variety of different controllers at this point, but it has yet another one on the way. To coincide with the recent arrival of the Switch Lite, 8BitDo is releasing a new wireless controller called the 8Bito Lite.

Like the Switch Lite it’s based on, the 8BitDo Lite is very small and brightly-colored. But, what really makes it stand out is that it ditches the usual array of dual analog sticks and a D-Pad for having only D-Pads, with there being three in total. Two of them replace what would normally be the L and R analog sticks. The third is a set of individual directional buttons, similar to what is found on the Joy-Con.

8BitDo Lite controller in yellow

The 8BitDo Lite still sports a set of HOME, Menu, +, – buttons, along with the L, R, ZL and ZR triggers/buttons, so it’s fully compatible with every interaction you can have on a Switch. However, seeing that this controller is clearly aimed at folks who really love D-Pads, it’s certainly better used with retro titles and modern 2D/2.5D games. While 3D games could theoretically be played with this (a-la PS1 style), it’s not bound to be a very comfortable experience considering that modern 3D games are designed around analog sticks. As an added bonus, there’s also turbo functionality, USB-C charging, and also compatibility with Windows (including native Steam support).

According to Amazon, the 8BitDo Lite will launch on October 30, 2019. Pre-orders are active now, with the controller going for $24.99. It’s available in either Yellow or Turquoise, which is a direct match of two of the official Switch Lite colors (sorry Gray lovers).

Rather ironically, actually using this with a Switch Lite is a bit of a pain since the system lacks a kickstand. So, using this with a regular Switch will be the best way to go, at least from a convenience perspective.


A.K Rahming
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