Make official NES, SNES controllers wireless with 8BitDo DIY

Ever wanted to turn those pesky wired NES and SNES controllers into easy-to-use wireless controllers? Well, thanks to 8BitDo DIY, now you can. This company has been helping gamers for years with their wide variety of controllers and accessories. Now in celebration of their fifth birthday, they have launched a line of DIY kits that lets you convert official controllers into Bluetooth devices.

How cool is that? This gives you the option to use them wirelessly with things like Nintendo Switch and Windows, or the native consoles themselves with an adapter. Modkits are also available for Sega Genesis, NES Classic, and Super NES Classic.


It’s seemingly pretty easy to modify the controllers too, as you only really need a screwdriver, which 8BitDo has helpfully included in the kit’s box. The video below illustrates exactly how to do it, so don’t worry about figuring out any crazy instructions or needing specialized tools. Great job to this company for creating this product, and hopefully many Nintendo fans try it out. (I know I may see how it works with my SNES Classic).

Good news! These are available to order now through their website for $19.99.

WIll you be picking one of these up? For those who already own the NES or SNES Classic, you know the controller’s wires are kind of short, so this would definitely be a great alternative. Let us know how you feel about these kits.


Tarah Bleier