Look to the past: Story-heavy title 7 Years from Now to hit Switch on May 28

7 Years from Now

I’m a sucker for a good narrative adventure game. Titles like Coffee Talk and Spiritfarer provide a nice respite from the action-heavy fare I usually play. That’s why I am so intrigued by 7 Years from Now. Due to launch on Switch on May 28, this tale follows a boy named Haruto Soraki, who is trying to regain a memory he lost seven years ago.

7 Years from Now looks to be delightfully tragic

Check out an announcement trailer for the game below:

I love the floaty pixel art. It gives the title a very dreamlike quality. Although I have no idea why Colonel Sanders is so keen on giving me advice. He doesn’t have the most trustworthy face.

7 Years from Now was initially a mobile game before it made its way to Switch in Japan on February 4. It has been downloaded over six million times and won five awards, including Vivo’s Best Indie Game. This means players are quite intrigued with the mystery surrounding Haruto’s lost thoughts. I’m happy more gamers will get a chance to experience the narrative!

Enthusiasts, does 7 Years from Now pique your interest? Let us know if you are planning to download the unique adventure with a comment down below.

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