7 Features Pokémon GO still needs

Pokémon GO

A couple of years later, Pokémon GO is still alive and kicking. With the various events, Community Days, and constant new raids, the game keeps players interested. There is however much left to be added that would make playing the game so much easier for fans and active players. Below, I have come up with some ideas for features I would love to see added in future updates. With Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! and Let’s Go, Pikachu!‘s cross-compatibility, adding these features shouldn’t be a problem. If you are reading this, Niantic, I hope you add these and help us die-hard players out!

Online trading

Yes, we can trade with our friends, but we have to be literally sitting next to them like the old days via the Link Cable. With the main series of games having online trading available, Pokémon GO should have had this feature added from the beginning. It would make evolving your Pokémon so much faster and easier to obtain region-exclusive Pokémon.

Pokémon Daycare/Breeding Center

Yes, we have Eggs in Pokémon GO. Lots of Eggs. But it takes a fair bit of walking to hatch those eggs. Wouldn’t it be great and helpful if the Daycare Center/Breeding Center introduced way back in Pokémon Gold/Silver was brought to this game or even to Pokémon Let’s Go? Players could breed Pokémon way easier and get those much-needed candies way faster. Please, Niantic?

Online battling

One of the most important things in Pokémon GO is of course battling and not just during Gym battles. How about battling your friends any time, anywhere, and earning some pretty neat and helpful rewards? That would help players also level up their Pokémon and earn more Stardust and maybe PokéCoins.

Use items during battle

How annoying is it when your Pokémon faints during a Gym battle, and you have no option to revive it or use potions while in battle? The countdown only gives you a set period to battle. However, if you have a powerful Pokémon and it’s getting beaten, using a Hyper Potion or two wouldn’t exactly hurt.

Trading Board /Marketplace, aka Poké Marts

Items can be a pain for players who either don’t live near a ton of PokéStops or don’t venture out a lot. How cool would it be to post items you need, like Berries, Incense, Lures, etc.? You could just use Stardust as currency and you are good to go.

Better daily rewards from Field Research Tasks

Yes, we have the easier Field Research Tasks we can obtain from PokéStops, but sometimes the rewards aren’t worth the effort. I bet if the rewards were better that people would be more likely to want to do them.

Pokémon Centers

A staple of the Pokémon games are the ever-helpful Pokémon Centers. Instead of using your Potions, just take them to Nurse Joy and continue dominating those gyms.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. As someone who plays the game every day, these features would help me greatly. I understand some of these would take a hit on Niantic’s microtransactions, but they could entice players both new and old.

What features would you like to see added? Let us know in the comments below, and hopefully we will see some of these ideas come to light one day.

Tarah Bleier