56-year-old Japanese man arrested for assault of friend over Pokémon GO

56-year-old Japanese man arrested for assault of friend over Pokémon GO

Violence is inexcusable, but slight violence that doesn’t actually hurt anyone can be pretty funny. That may be the case of 56-year-old Kanehisa Satoh in Hokkaido, Japan, who was arrested for assault and property damage after things got physical with his 55-year-old friend while playing Pokémon GO. This curious story comes via Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku.

Per Ashcraft, who in turn translates Japanese primary sources, Satoh and his friend were in a stopped car arguing over a Gym in Pokémon GO. Satoh later explained in a confession, “I got pissed because he had gone ahead and took my encampment.” Because of this, Satoh grabbed his friend by the chest and destroyed the driver’s side mirror with apparently a pretty good kick. Then the friend called the cops, he was arrested, and that’s all the details there are. How exactly they were positioned when the assault broke out isn’t clear, but it sounds like they couldn’t possibly have been in the car at that point.

In any case, it’s really funny that middle-aged Japanese men could almost come to blows over Pokémon GO, even if it’s also a little sad. The kicker is that these men apparently first met from playing Pokémon GO years ago. Let us hope that the friendship can be mended and that many more Raids are shared together.


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