505 Games explains Indivisible’s early launch on Nintendo Switch

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Months after its initial release on other platforms, the crowdfunded Indivisible finally launched for the Nintendo Switch yesterday. However, Indivisible was released to the bewilderment of its backers and even Lab Zero Games as it shadow-dropped onto the eShop with no prior warning or advertising. With the Switch port now out in the wild, publisher 505 Games has taken to the game’s official website to explain what had happened.

“Taking a digital-first strategy”

On the site, the blog post notes that the Switch release of Indivisible was a “happy accident […] due to an unexpected series of events.” The post also reveals that the game had an internal release window for the month of May. With Indivisible on the Switch being based on an earlier build, an upcoming patch will add the following:

  • In-game Roti unlocked for everyone, option via the menu
  • Toggle for 30 FPS/unlocked
  • GPU/CPU optimizations
  • Sprites and lighting fixes
  • 1080p resolution when docked (currently 720p docked/undocked)

505 Games then explained their digital-first approach in North America and Europe due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While the publisher evaluates production for the retail physical release, they pledged to get hard copies into the hands of Indiegogo backers as soon as possible. While this could take up to two months given the circumstances, backers who requested digital copies should receive those soon.

As of now, the Japanese release, handled by Spike Chunsoft, is currently on track for July 16.

Given developer Mike Zaimont’s grievances yesterday, I can’t help but wonder what “unexpected series of events” led to the premature release of Indivisible. Nevertheless, it hopefully won’t be too long until the Switch version is on par with its counterparts on other platforms.

Did you pick up Indivisible for the Nintendo Switch, or did you already play the game on another console? What are your thoughts on the game so far? Let us know in the comments.

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