Five reasons why you should play Dead Cells

5 reasons to play Dead Cells, Motion Twin Evil Empire Playdigious Nintendo Switch the bad seed

For those uninitiated in the Dead Cells world, it is a roguelike game developed and published by Motion Twin. No, don’t run away just because you read roguelike. There’s more. It also has procedurally generated maps. Truthfully, this trope has been reused many times, with less than desirable results. Although, that’s why we are here today — to list five reasons why Dead Cells is an exception and why you should give it a shot on your Nintendo Switch, especially now that The Bad Seed just released. Let’s dive into it!

1. Dead Cells is as good as a roguelike can get.

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. Dead Cells is in fact a roguelike with maps that are generated randomly. This means that in every run you collect precious loot that then is stripped away after you face the death gods. In other games, this can lead to atrociously repetitive gameplay loops that lose their shine in just a few runs. Luckily, this is not the case with Dead Cells.

Even though there are plenty of similarities for each run, there is character development and additional narrative elements each time you face your demise. For instance, after a few deaths, you will learn more about your main character as new NPCs populate the hub area and guide you through the game’s lore. That sense of discovery succeeds in encouraging you to go after one more run. This remains true even after hours of playing.

2. The gameplay style is addictive.

Dead Cells is even more addictive than most roguelikes due to its gameplay mechanics. Dead Cells offers a wide variety of gameplay mechanics and options. If you want to take a more tactical approach, you can do so with ranged weapons. As well, if you want to smash your way through enemies, you can also get away with it by wielding one of the multitudes of melee weapons at your disposal.

Besides that, the game offers and encourages experimentation. Since every run means new weapons, you can experiment freely with the arsenal at disposal. Sometimes gamers refrain from using different weapons as they get used to one game style. Thus, this is not a problem when you get dealt a different hand each run. This element of variation keeps you entertained as combat always feels fresh and rewarding.

5 reasons to play Dead Cells, Motion Twin Evil Empire Playdigious Nintendo Switch

3. Dead Cells rocks as a portable game on Nintendo Switch.

Some games work perfectly in a portable mode, and Dead Cells is one of them. When you experience Dead Cells, you usually aim to discover more as you progress. But it is also true that sometimes you only want to have a good couple minutes smashing through the hordes of enemies that await in the dungeons. Due to its permadeath mechanic, you can easily pick up Dead Cells during your daily commute or in a spare moment and have that same rewarding experience. The game rewards speed and precision, which bodes well with a quick portable gaming session. This title suits well those quick gaps throughout the day in which a spare minute is a commodity. Nevertheless, it still is a banger on any TV and works well for extended play sessions.

4. Artsy is an understatement

Dead Cells is beautifully executed. Aside from its excellent gameplay loop, its visuals and sound design are equally great. The game sports a colorful pixel art style, and every new stage in the game has its personality. Combat shines with fluid animations, and the gory action is stunningly painted within every pixelated design.

An engaging soundtrack surrounds all this action. Even when you’re done playing, it is likely that you will find yourself humming more than one tune from the game. Revisiting areas in every run always feel fun due to the pristine aesthetics and catchy music that encompass your journey through Dead Cells.

5 reasons to play Dead Cells, Motion Twin Evil Empire Playdigious Nintendo Switch

5. Want more Dead Cells? The Bad Seed has got you covered

If you’re a newcomer to the game, do not hesitate to jump right into it. Moreover, if you have already played Dead Cells, this is the perfect time to revisit the game. Recently, The Bad Seed DLC became available, and it brings and amplifies everything that made the game great in the first place. It packs two new biomes with a complete set of original enemies. Additionally, a bunch of new weapons are added to the mix. The gameplay is still challenging in this new chapter of the game, so you won’t have to worry about finishing this new DLC in half an hour. In essence, The Bad Seed is more Dead Cells greatness awaiting you. If you loved the base game, you can’t go wrong with getting this DLC.

Dead Cells is not a perfect game, but these are five reasons why giving it a look is not a bad idea, especially if you are into challenging games with great gameplay loops.

Cristian Aguilar