Midlife crisis: HAL Laboratory celebrates 40th anniversary with gifts for fans

40th anniversary

HAL Laboratory is a company Nintendo fans should know well. It has developed titles in the Kirby, Super Smash Bros., and Adventures of Lolo series. Today, the HAL team celebrates its 40th anniversary. As a treat for its admirers, the devs shared some video game treats and special artwork to commemorate the occasion.

A 40th anniversary with no news of Lolo 4 in sight

Up top, you can see the unique picture HAL crafted in observance of its birthday. Below, a video shows how the handiwork came to be:

Just to be clear, it did not take the artists only 38 seconds to create the image. They don’t really move at superhuman speed. Or maybe the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is having an effect on us as a species.

Also, there’s a festive website now up that pays tribute to the milestone. And if you are still playing Super Kirby Clash on your Switch, you can enter the code ‘HALLABORATORY’ for some rewards. I’ll be honest: I forgot that game even existed.

Enthusiasts, are you celebrating HAL Laboratory’s 40th anniversary in your own special way today? What HAL games do you cherish the most from your youth? Let us know in the field of comments below!



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