Nintendo 3DS Update Brings Mii Plaza DLC To NA Region

Time to update the 3DS again, this time for firmware version 6.1.0-12U.  The update adds the four Streetpass Mii Plaza games that were previously made available in Europe and Asia.  Once the firmware update is complete, you have to open Mii Plaza to update the application and add the option to purchase the new content.

The four games available with the update are:

  • Monster Manor
  • Warriors Way
  • Flower Town
  • Mii Force

The new Mii Plaza features a more robust layout that you can explore, and all of the original games are available as well.  Also of note is that all of the plaza activities are now listed on a second screen menu that you can tap to open.

Each game costs $4.99 USD on its own, but when you buy the first game you are offered a complete bundle for $14.99, or buy three get one free.

There you have it!  Get your 3DS updated and try out the new offerings.  Make sure you come back here to let us know what you think!

[Source: Nintendo]

Wesley Stopford