Add a dimension: WayForward considering a 3D Shantae game

3D Shantae

The Shantae series has been pretty successful on Nintendo platforms. From the Game Boy Color to Switch, the purple-haired, half-genie has been delighting fans with some great platformers. Developer WayForward is looking towards the future with regards to the IP. While speaking to US Gamer during a Seven Sirens interview, the company brought up the possibility of a 3D Shantae game.

3D Shantae means 3D belly dances

Responding to a question about what lies ahead for Shantae, co-creator Matt Bozon had this to share:

We’ve talked for years about taking Shantae into a 3D polygonal world. But that’s never happened. I can’t say if this generation will be “the one,” but it’s something we’ll probably consider again when the time is right. I’d also love to play around with some kind of Shantae adventure in VR, or something musical in nature. We’ll have to wait and see. Anything can happen!

Color me interested in almost all of that on Switch 2.

I can see Shantae working in the third dimension. You can have exploration mixed with dungeons; the Zelda titles successfully moved into 3D starting with Ocarina of Time, after all. A rhythm game would likely do well, too, because Shantae loves to dance so she can transform into animals. I can’t see VR being good, though. Too much jumping and gyrating of the hips would lead to vomit everywhere.

Enthusiasts, do you hope to one day see a 3D Shantae video game? Let us know below!

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