Nearly 3 years is long enough: We need a Super Mario Odyssey sequel

Super Mario Odyssey sequel needed for Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey 2

With an upcoming slate of 3D Mario remasters reportedly on the horizon, I went back to rediscover Super Mario Odyssey. Mario’s 3D debut on Nintendo Switch will be three years old this October, and what a debut it was. We were introduced to Cappy and all his wonderful weirdness, along with levels inspired by real life like New Donk City and an incredibly open-ended game structure. Sure, we’d soared through the galaxy on Wii, but Odyssey felt like a super sandbox step towards something different for 3D Mario games. Despite rumors about Galaxy and more coming to Nintendo Switch, I’d still love to see Cappy return for one more adventure. Here’s why we could use a sequel.

Shear variety

Mario’s new hyper-detailed hairdo jokes aside, the sheer variety in Super Mario Odyssey is still stunning. From the sprawling deserts of the Sand Kingdom to the freezing expanse of the Snow Kingdom, the visual diversity on offer remains striking today. Everyone’s favorite plumber is often solely exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, but this is just one of the many worlds on show in Odyssey. There’s something so surreal about controlling Mario through a fictionalized New York City, and New Donk City stands out as a deeply memorable world.

There are so many more locales and environments that Mario could visit should Nintendo revisit the Odyssey format, and the thought of wandering around somewhere like Venice Beach or the depths of the Amazon rainforest is tantalizing indeed. I never thought I’d bring up real-world locations as inspiration for upcoming Mario Kingdoms, but Odyssey has opened that door and I’m not looking back.

Super Mario Odyssey New Donk City

Many moons ago

Many moons have passed since Super Mario Odyssey’s launch, yet you could still be collecting the damn things in-game! Whether you love or hate going for collectibles, Super Mario Odyssey’s Power Moons provided some solid endgame content for those looking to make Odyssey go the extra mile. There were hundreds to collect, and whilst grabbing a lesser amount was enough to pass the stages, there’s real joy in revisiting each locale to try and collect any remaining moons.

If you decide collecting is your thing, you get some cool bonuses too! Brand new areas to explore, side activities to complete, and outfits are all up for grabs when you collect enough moons, and some of the more difficult ones provide a tough platforming challenge if you feel compelled to collect every single moon. There’s also a bunch of level-specific coins to grab for some neat warp ship customization, so wherever you are in Odyssey’s kingdoms, there’s always something to grab — or at least throw your hat at. All of this gave the game real legs, and we’d love to see more endgame content in a sequel.

Super Mario Odyssey sequel needed for Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey 2

Cappy’s capabilities

The introduction of Cappy provided Super Mario Odyssey’s biggest change to the 3D Mario formula. No longer can you only harness Mario’s capabilities (and power-ups), as Cappy allows Mario to inhabit pretty much anything. Want to wander around as a stack of Goombas? Sure. What about tearing up the place as a T-rex or a tank? Cappy has you covered. Not only does your new hat provide ample opportunity for power fantasies, but he also enables new platforming abilities like ziplining across areas and accessing hard-to-reach spots.

It can be tough to go back to 3D Mario without the help of Cappy, and we hope he returns in future games for the sheer amount of platforming variety his abilities unlock. In Odyssey, much of his usefulness is uniquely tied to each kingdom, so extending his ability set in a sequel is pretty much a given. Powerboating in the shallow waters at Venice Beach to find hidden collectibles? Swinging through the trees in the Amazon rainforest? Sign me up. If anything can vouch for the need of a Super Mario Odyssey sequel, it’s what Mario’s flashy new hat brought to the table.

Cappy Super Mario Odyssey sequel needed for Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey 2

A charmer

Mario games are always uniquely charming, but I’d argue none quite as much as Super Mario Odyssey. Switch’s first expansive Mario experience has an incredibly unique personality and is one reason why I find it so inviting to revisit. Just wandering around and chatting to each kingdom’s distinctive characters whilst dressed up as a chef is as weird as it is wonderful, and this level of off-the-wall charm is something I’d love to see return. (Granted, 3D World introduced cat suits, but they served a conscious gameplay purpose.)

Odyssey’s eclectic list of oddball characters and alternative suits is a joy to just browse, let alone mess around with. From a Diddy Kong suit to some breezy boxer shorts, Super Mario Odyssey’s outfit list spans far and wide, letting you turn your version of Mario into whatever you choose. Whilst Luigi, Wario, and Diddy Kong suits are present, a potential sequel could introduce a ton more outfits from some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises or even beyond. An Odyssey 2’s closet could take a leaf out of the Super Smash Bros. book, introducing way more outfits from other video game series.

Whilst we may see remasters of Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy shortly, I still feel there’s room for a huge sequel to the already expansive Super Mario Odyssey. I’ll welcome any remasters or remakes with open arms, but Odyssey’s variety, personality, and charm can’t be overstated.

But what do you think? Do we need more Odyssey along with remakes, or is it time to move on to something new?

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