2K Games brings XCOM 2, Borderlands, and BioShock collections to Switch this May

2k games Borderlands XCOM 2 BioShock coming to nintendo switch

During today’s sudden Nintendo Direct Mini, three key 2K Games franchises were announced to be hitting Nintendo Switch in May. XCOM 2, the first three Borderlands games, and the entire BioShock trilogy – along with the associated DLC for all of these games – will launch for Nintendo Switch on May 29.

XCOM 2 Collection

The critically-acclaimed XCOM 2, plus all four DLC packs and War of the Chosen, are coming to Nintendo Switch. The base game alone can suck up hundreds of hours, but with all of this additional content as well, you’ll find yourself lost forever in one of the best turn-based strategy games on the market.

Players will battle against an invading alien force in firefights that have real consequences. Soldiers can be upgraded as they earn experience and survive missions, but once they die, they’re permanently gone. That can really screw up your campaign, so you’ll want to play very smart.

War of the Chosen serves as the conclusion to the XCOM 2 story, and it provides dozens more hours with brand new units to fight with and against. Many have hailed it as one of the best expansions in the genre.

Borderlands Legendary Collection

We don’t know how they did it, but they finally did. 2K Games is bringing the original Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to Nintendo Switch. These games are well-known for their amazing loot systems and fantastic humor. With each game, the number of random weapons you can earn grows, making for some incredible combinations.

The stories throughout the series are a highlight, with Borderlands 2 getting a new expansion just before the launch of Borderlands 3. But for many, it’s the multiplayer features that provide the most enjoyment. Up to four players can complete the campaign together, with the odd duel over loot, and laugh at each other’s new weapons. Maybe you’ll find one that uses screams instead of the sound of gunfire. Or, your new gun might limit your movement to 1 percent of its normal speed. No matter what, you’re bound to have a fun time.

BioShock: The Collection

There is always a lighthouse, and now 2K is bringing it to Nintendo Switch. The BioShock series takes you from the bottom of the ocean to the very tips of the clouds above your head. Each game subverts expectations, packing in amazing stories while also leaving you free to play around with the mechanics in small yet open spaces. Mutations are key throughout every game, whether you’re injecting Plasmids or downing a Tonic. Whatever the name, these let you harness the power of fire, electricity, bees, or even crows.

BioShock and BioShock 2 are directly connected, but BioShock Infinite brings the series’ true story into focus. It’s far too complicated to explain now, but it’s worth experiencing, even just once. All of the DLC for the games is also included, meaning that you can experience the additional story of BioShock 2, the challenges of BioShock Infinite, or the return to Rapture in Burial at Sea.


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