21 more Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition screenshots revealed


21 brand new Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition screenshots have been revealed. The last set of screenshots for the game all focused on the stunning environments, while these new ones look at the game’s characters.


Shulk’s character design looks much the same, but at least you can see his eyes this time around.


It’s also easier to make out Fiora’s features with this new character model.


This is Reyn, who grew up with both Shulk and Fiora, and will form the third core character that you’ll be seeing a lot of over the course of the story.


Dunban, known as ‘Dundun’ by some, is Fiora’s brother, and another one of the playable characters.


Sharla’s character design remains true to the original game. You’ll be seeing a lot of her.


Melia also looks true to her original look, she’s another playable character.


It’s Riki! That’s all you need to know.



A couple of shots of Shulk looking moody as he gets ready to impale some enemies with The Monado.



Fiora and Shulk share a quieter moment in the game’s story. If you were wondering if this is the ‘sandwich’ scene, yes it is. What’s more, there’s a brilliant video of it going around Twitter at the moment which you can enjoy here too. Spoilers, Shulk doesn’t even eat the sandwich in the new version of the game.



Reyn isn’t going to be a voice of reason in your time with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.



Dunban’s moody looks are just what you need to save the world.

Big guns aren’t always the answer, but Sharla makes them look good this time around.

Melia Antiqua is your classic mage type character: very high and mighty, as well as powerful.

The Nopon have a distinct way of speaking that newcomers are just going to need to get used to.

Those are all 21 new Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition screenshots! Let us know if you like the new art direction and look of the game so far in the comments.


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