2016 3DS Nindie Round-up

Welcome to Round 2 of the Nindie Round Up! We will take a look at the 3DS focused games on Nintendo’s release list this time! If you want to check out any of the games from the other side check out Round 1 of the Nindie Roundup!

Battle Cats Pop! is one of the more interesting straight-forward tower defense games out there that is now making a transition from mobile to 3DS (without in-app purchases here.)  Your goal is to collect 100’s of cats (with highly interesting designs) to power up your army, take down enemies, and win glorious treasure! The game is suited for all ages and can be enjoyed by 2 players simultaneously. Battle Cats Pop! is now available on the 3DS and so far the reviews seem positive.


Azure Striker: Gunvolt 2 is a 2D action/platformer on the 3DS created in the style of the Mega Man-esque games of yesteryear. This edition allows you to choose between two playable characters with drastically different play-styles and fight in epic new boss battles. Azure Striker: Gunvolt 2 is actually created by the same company that made Mighty No. 9 so it will be interesting to see which game comes out to be the better Mega Man inspired game. As of right now there is no official release date in the US but it will launch in Japan sometime this August.



Gurumin 3D : A Monstrous Adventure an action-rpg game featuring real-time combat, fully voiced characters, 35+ hours of playtime and much more. In Gurumin you take on the role of a strong-willed girl named Parin that discovers an invisible monster village hidden behind her home that is being threatened by phantoms. Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure started out its life on PSP then moved to Steam and is finally making its way to the 3DS this summer with increased camera control, easy inventory access, and an in-game help function.


Antipole DX is an improved version of the original gravity manipulating platformer originally made for DSiWare. You play as Johnny Hurricane as he explores a hostile, alien spaceship. The game boasts 25 stages with 5 epic boss battles, 25 challenge stages, online leaderboards, and Miiverse Support with unlockable stamps. You will be able to check out this game in North America, Europe, and Australia for the 3DS and WiiU either late Summer or early Fall.


Lifespeed is a futuristic flying/racing game exclusively made for the New 3DS. In Lifespeed you play in a world ran by The United Government that is attempting to stop the impending Armageddon. All disputes about resources and survival are now settled on the track. In the game there is a story mode, 8 different tracks on 4 worlds, battle capabilities using flying skills and a variety of weapons, 11 playable characters, online leaderboards and multiple difficulty settings. As of right now this game is in “lot check” so we should expect a release date to be announced soon.


Punch Club is a fighting sim/tycoon style game where you train your character, unlock new skills, and try to figure out who killed your father. The game has 16-bit pixelized look with 80’s and 90’s references all over the place. You don’t actually control your character but instead focus on his training and equip movesets. Currently the game is on IOS/Android and Steam and has been well received by players. Details on Punch Club for 3DS are few and far between other than the game is early in development.


Runbow Pocket is fast-paced action party game coming to the New 3DS (and maybe regular 3DS) where you race to the end of a world that is constantly in flux. The game boasts to have the same content as the original Wii U version including hundreds of levels, unlockable costumes, and 19 guest characters from other developers all in the palm of your hand using a new version of the Unity engine. New content available is the ability to create, collect, and share streetpass cards.  The game is currently early in development but will release this Fall.

So that is our look at the 3DS focused Nindie games coming in 2016. Details about these games are slowly starting to ooze out as they get ready for release so keep an eye out for future Nindie articles at Nintendo Enthusiast!

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