Witchy woman: PlatinumGames celebrates Bayonetta’s 10th anniversary with unique art and director message

10th anniversary

Ready to feel old? The original Bayonetta launched 10 years ago today, on the PS3 and Xbox 360. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, developer PlatinumGames is sharing a special piece of artwork created by character designer Mari Shimazaki. Also, series director Hideki Kamiya provided a thankful message for fans of the Umbra Witch.

10th anniversary?! Where did all the time go?

Check out the festive tweet regarding the series milestone below:

Fans that visit the celebration page will be treated to the following note from Kamiya:

Sincerest thanks to all of you who’ve supported Bayonetta over the last ten years. Today is a momentous occasion for me, and it’s all because of your tremendous love.

Bayonetta was my very first title here at PlatinumGames, and I went into it with a lofty goal – to make the best action game I possibly could. I poured my all into the game with that feeling firmly in mind.

Now, ten years later, as I look back on those development days, I see peaks and valleys, good times and bad. But our staff pulled together through it all and, working as one, I think we managed to pull off something truly miraculous.

To everyone who’s been involved with the Bayonetta series, and to all of the Bayonetta fans who’ve helped us get here: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you’ll follow Bayonetta’s adventures, and continue to love and support her for years to come.

A beautiful message from the talented Kamiya. I hope he doesn’t block me on Twitter for sharing this quote.

Besides, PlatinumGames is hosting a Twitter/Instagram contest. Prizes will be given to gamers who share Bayonetta artwork, cosplay, etc. Out of all the rewards available, I want the Climax Edition signed by Kamiya. Hopefully, my beautiful stick figure drawings will impress the judges.

Enthusiasts, how are you celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bayonetta? Do you think information on Bayonetta 3 is coming soon? Let us know below!

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