This dude made a Super Mario World guitar out of 10,000 Popsicle sticks

10,000 Popsicle stick Super Mario World guitar Cranmer Guitars YouTube

What can you do with a Popsicle stick? The most popular thing to do with one is to eat a Popsicle. A runner-up option is to build a fence for a miniature house with them. But if you happen to have 10,000 Popsicle sticks handy, you might as well build a Super Mario World guitar out of it. YouTube channel Cranmer Guitars, based out of Glasgow, Scotland, has proven that this is more than possible in a detailed 17-minute video outlining the process, where colored sticks simulate pixels. It took about seven months to complete the guitar.

I have no crafting ability and have to presume that I would die instantaneously in any apocalyptic scenario where electricity disappears, so the video is basically all Masonic mysticism to me. In any case, you can hear the guy actually play his Super Mario World guitar at 17:10, but he promises to demo it more thoroughly in a separate video.

In the pantheon of random Nintendo-centric stuff that YouTubers have built, this has to rank among the most impressive — or at the very least among the most time-intensive. That metal Nintendo 64 that literally shoots fire is still pretty cool though.

Now, is anyone else wondering how much a 10,000-Popiscle stick Super Mario World guitar would go for on eBay?


John Friscia
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