It’s been over 1000 days since we last saw Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Viewtiful Joe Kamiyanews next week, says Hideki Kamiya

Remember Bayonetta 3? It exists, probably, but it’s been missing in action for a while now. In fact, when Twitter user @PhantomArtifice pointed out the long wait two days ago, they specified that it had been 1000 days since we last saw anything of the game. That was at its announcement at The Game Awards 2017. Platinum has revealed and released other projects within that timeframe, including the rather excellent Astral Chain, all while saying very, very little about Bayonetta 3 outside of the occasional development update promising that the game is progressing smoothly.

There are a few other high-profile Switch games that we’ve only seen cinematic trailers or title cards for – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s sequel and Metroid Prime 4, specifically, but the Breath of the Wild sequel was only revealed a year and a half ago, while Metroid Prime 4 went through a pretty public development overhaul where Nintendo handed the reigns to Retro Studios. Bayonetta 3, meanwhile, has been enjoying (I hope) a long, quiet development.

While I’d of course love to have played the game by now, the Switch has enough great games for most of us, and when Bayonetta 3 does finally come out, it’s probably going to be glorious. Platinum obviously has very high expectations for this title, and after the success they had with Bayonetta 2, I think they should take all of the time that they need with the next entry in their legendary action series.


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