10 Misconceptions My Dad Has About Nintendo Gaming

We all have those relatives — you know, the ones who believe that gaming is a pure waste of time and do not take the time to try to understand the medium. Instead of learning about the beauty and fun of gaming, they continue to bask in their ignorance and blame all the world’s problems on gaming. My dad is one of those people. Though I love him, here are some of the big misconceptions my dad has about the gaming medium.


Xbox And GameCube Are Two Different Names For The Same Machine

This misconception began two generations ago when I first purchased my GameCube. No matter how many times I told my father otherwise, he refused to call my GameCube anything other than an Xbox. For some reason, the name just fit better for him. After all, I owned some purple cube thing that looked like a box, so what did it matter what he called it?

Mario Games Have Massive And Deep Stories

My dad used to play quite a bit of Super Mario Bros. when it was originally out on the NES. He actually enjoyed the game, though he was not very good at it. When Super Mario Galaxy came out, he decided to give the Mario franchise another shot. There was only one problem, though: the game’s story was just simply too much. The opening cut scene for the game took way too long to get through and the whole intro sequence was just a movie-like experience. My dad refused to play because he complained that the story was too big a story and he just wanted to get to the part where he could \”just jump around.\”


FIFA 09 Is The Best And Only FIFA Game Out There

I picked up FIFA 09 for the Wii on my dad’s birthday a few years back. After several years and several hundred hours of gameplay, my dad is convinced that FIFA 09 is one of the best games of all time. Even funnier is that, rather than continue to purchase new versions of FIFA every year, my dad believes that FIFA 09 is the only one to ever have come out and has never even considered looking for a new version. I guess it does not really matter that EA ditched the Wii U.

Wii Sports Resort Is The Pinnacle Of Gaming Excellence

Aside from FIFA o9, the Wii Sports franchise is the only other title which received a considerable amount of gameplay from my dad. My dad loved the original title, putting dozens of hours into playing Wii Sports Tennis; however, once Wii Sports Resort was released, my dad’s life was made. My dad truly believes that it is the best game in existence and is the only one he continues to come back to — other than FIFA 09, that is.


Xbox Is The Only Console That Has Multimedia Features

My dad has become quite the big fan of Netflix and was incredibly surprised to learn a few weeks ago that the Wii and Wii U can, in fact, stream to the TV. After all, mainstream media somehow covered the Xbox One enough to the point where my dad believed it was the only console that could stream Netflix. To think, there are so many more people that believe as my dad does.

A Second Analog Stick Makes Gaming Way Too Complicated

My dad discovered that there is a FIFA game on a platform other than the Wii when I was playing FIFA 14 on Xbox One. Appalled that FIFA 09 for Wii is not the only version out there, my dad asked to play the Xbox One version, since it \”looked so pretty.\” I handed over the controller and he simply could not understand dual-stick controls. Instead of trying to learn the mechanisms of the game, he rage-quit because he could not understand how he could move the camera around and control his player at the same time. He then claimed that FIFA 09 and Wii Sports Resort are the best games in existence because he can actually control those two titles.

Nintendo Releases Consoles Every Year And Nintendo Releases Every Gaming Product Ever

Despite my attempts to teach him otherwise, my dad is one of those people who believe that everything gaming related is a \”Nintendo.\” Even worse, due to the various console manufacturers, my dad believes that Nintendo is releasing, like an iPhone, a new product each and every year. In fact, when I bought both a PS4 and an Xbox One in the past year, he thought that I got two new Nintendo products in the span of a year. Rather than learn the truth about different console manufacturers, my dad rants about what a waste of money it is to spend thousands of dollars one a single company.


Any Game That Is 8-bit Is Called Mario

I was playing Shovel Knight a few weeks ago and my dad had to exclaim, \”Seriously, it’s 2014 and you\’re still playing that same Mario game I was playing when I was younger?!\”

Any 8-bit Music Is Some Sort Of Mario Music

In the same vein as the last misconception, whenever my dad hears 8-bit music, he immediately believes it is Mario music. Unfortunately, he also believes that Mario music has not evolved at all in the past thirty years and still sounds like bleeps and bloops, despite the full orchestras and incredible musical prowess of Koji Kondo in recent releases.


Gaming Is A Waste Of Time

This misconception aggravates me the most. My dad loves to call gaming a waste of time, probably due to the hundreds upon hundreds of hours he has lost to FIFA 09 and Wii Sports Resort; however, he then goes and watches hours upon hours of TV. I try to explain that watching television is no more productive than playing a video game, but he refuses to believe it. After all, video games are \”terrible and a waste of time for children,\” so passively watching TV is the better use of time.

Eli Pales
Eli buys virtually every Nintendo title that comes out but has expanded his collection to include amiibo. He hasn't taken them out of their boxes, though, so he might be a bit insane. When not playing video games, Eli likes writing about politics and games. He also runs a decent amount. Outside.