1-2 Switch Producer Talks How the Game Came About, Why it Isn’t Pre-Installed

1-2, Switch! is one of the few of the Nintendo Switch’s launch titles. It’s very different than any of the other games (minus Just Dance 2017), as it is a purely casual experience that’s meant to be enjoyed by pretty much any-and-everyone. Just like how Wii Sports and Nintendo Land introduced players to the unique features of their respective hardware, 1,2 Switch makes total use of the Joy-Con controllers complex technology.

Kouichi Kawamoto, the game’s producer, was recently interviewed by both Famitsu and 4Gamer. Some highlights of the interview are how the idea of the game came about and why it isn’t included with the Switch by default. Here’s some of what he had to say:

When people hear “Nintendo”, they usually think of Mario and Zelda, but Nintendo’s mini-game collections are actually quite good too.

“Thank you. I hope that includes the games I’ve directed, like Brain Age and StreetPass Mii Plaza, or ones I’ve produced, like Nintendo Badge Arcade and Miitopia. I tend to be in charge of somewhat unusual games that can be played in short bursts.”

1-2-Switch makes full use of the Nintendo Switch’s features, so I think it would have been nice to have it pre-installed on the system.

“I appreciate you saying so, but it would have required using storage space to install it, and the software development costs would also have had to be added to cost of the system. The games are quite peculiar, and most of them are meant for two players. So if it came pre-installed, some people wouldn’t boot it up even once…”

— You can read the full translation over on Nintendo Everything. —